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  • At Tejas Cosmetic Surgery Center we like to do things differently. Our aim is to provide Our patients with the highest quality surgery by experienced Cosmetic Surgeon with Board Certification, Safest anaesthetic team for aesthetic surgery and excellent ongoing aftercare at a fair price.


    Liposuction is a surgical procedure used to reduce fatty deposits on your body.



    Abdominoplasty, is an operation which aims to remove the excess skin from the lower part of the abdomen and is often combined with liposuction


    Breast Procedures

    If you like to enlarge, reduce or uplift your breasts, along with aesthetic improvement of the areola and nipples, Tejas Cosmetic Surgery Center helps you to achieve the look you desire


    Body Contouring

    Whether you have a stubborn area of excess fat, or loose skin resulting , we at Tejas Cosmetic Surgery Center help you to trim your body and to feel better


    Face Procedures

    We at Tejas Cosmetic Surgery Center have a wide range of cosmetic procedures to enhance, improve and rejuvenate your face.


    Hair Procedures

    We at Tejas Cosmetic Surgery Center give better solutions for hair loss and also offer the final solution to the hair loss.


    Non-Surgical Procedures

    Non-Surgical Procedures If you are looking for refreshing and reviving tired skin, we at Tejas Cosmetic Surgery Center come for your help


    Cosmetic Surgery for Men

    Men nowadays are as worried as the women for their appearance.



    I am D 23 yrs old and I just completed my under graduation and I had an offer for management studies in Australia within 3 weeks and almost all the formalities are complete except the medicals But I had Gynaecomastia and I wanted to get rid of it before going there I did not want to travel to Australia with my enlarged breasts I approached Dr Senthil at TEJAS COSMETIC SURGERY CENTER , he examined me and suggested Liposuction for Gynaecomastia but I wanted to undergo surgery within a short time He explained everything about the procedure to me and within 2 days I was operated Liposuction was done for Gynaecomastia. The surgery and the postoperative days went of smoothly and I could feel the difference. Within about 10 days I was completely normal and I went for the medicals to go for Australia I could go to Australia within a short time after surgery I am now feeling more confident and I am very happy with the results Now I am in Australia and I appreciate Dr Senthil for the caring attitude towards me

    I am Ms M aged 26 my height is 5 feet 3 inches weighing 68 kgs . Even though I am not looking fatty my thighs were very big and fatty I have tried all the ways to reduce my thigh fat Even after dieting and exercising I could not bring the shape to my thighs I desired I approached Dr Senthil at TEJAS COSMETIC SURGERY CENTER and he examined me carefully and he suggested Liposuction of the both the thighs I again met Dr Senthil with my mother and he explained about the procedure in detail to my mother and to me and he clarified all the doubts I had about the surgery I took 2 weeks off from my work and Liposuction was done for both the thighs by Dr Senthil. Everything went well for me and I could start walking with support on the next day Now 4 months after surgery I am very much pleased with the results of the surgery. I have no visible scars at present and I am very happy as could return to my shape I wanted. Confidentiality was maintained throughout the surgery and thereafter I thank Dr Senthil for the procedure and the outcome

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